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Stuffed Portabella  Mushrooms

Theresa's special  recipe  exclusive to Island Pizza includes Cheese, Garlic, Onion, Sausage, Tomato, Bread Crumbs, Seasoned Butter and Deliciousness!

Add a seafood for  $4.95 extra:  Shrimp, Real Crab Meat or Scallops!

3 for $6.95

6 for $9.95

Dozen for $18.95

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Island Pizza  are healthy baked and   are available Buffalo  Style / BBQ / Asian Zing /   Jerk /Lemon Pepper Garlic  /   Honey Mustard included is  a 2 oz cup   ranch dressing per 1/2  dozen  or  Blue Cheese on Request!

1/2 Dozen $6.95

Dozen $13.50

18 Wings $19.95

24 Wings $23.95

37 Wings $36.95

100 Wings $96.95


Buffalo             Lemon Pepper Garlic

BBQ                Jerk (Dry)

Honey Mustard $1.00 extra

Asian Zing $1.00 extra

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